Acoustically remodeled recording studio
run by Morgan Henry, a practicing
musician who cut his studio teeth in 1978
(Loft Studios) and has been recording ever
since.  Fully equipped with new recording
spaces, professional microphones,
preamps, processing equipment and
software.  There are drums, amps,
keyboards and instruments.  We offer a
low-pressure, creative atmosphere with
reasonable rates.   Comfortable listening
areas and on-premises instrument repair
  • Singers
  • Songwriters
  • Duos
  • Bands
  • Voiceover
  • Narrators
  • Multitrack recording

  • overdubs & comping

  • time & pitch editing

  • mixdown and mastering

  • CD & mp3 production

  • CD, mp3, vinyl, casette,
    DAT conversions
  • Demos
  • Projects
  • Voiceovers
  • Auditions
  • Audiobooks
  • Media                     
"Ashton Street is one of Northern Virginia’s
great hidden gems. A lot of recording
engineers can “record,” but people don’t
always realize that a tremendous aesthetic   
needs to accompany the ability to make a
mixing board work. Morgan got an amazing
tone from my acoustic mandocello, making
sure that a good instrument didn’t fall flat
and go lifeless in a studio setting. It was his
aesthetic sense that opened up the
instrument both in the choice of dual micing
and in mixing and studio devices. That dual
micing gave the recordings an openness
and a sense of place, of animation, and it
created a natural, organic reverb. His EQ
ability and natural ear was masterful in
balancing the highs, middles, and lows of
my instrument. The overall sound, the tone
he got, yielded something lovely. I think his
skill may actually involve some sorcery, but I
can't confirm that.

    Add to all that his encouragement and
supportiveness—he’s just wonderful to work
with—yet he possesses the complementary
ability to say, “Let’s do it again,” so you know
he’s not just blowing smoke. Morgan is a
very settling personality who can take a stiff
and sterile (and sometimes intimidating)
environment inside those headphones and
calm the beast into a peaceful, productive
session. So the big three—personality,
aesthetics, and engineering expertise—
create a wonderful recording environment
and a marvelous finished product."


"Ashton Street was my first real studio
experience. Morgan is owner and operator.
The equipment and space were perfect for
me. The set up is versatile so different
needs can be accommodated. Drums,
keyboards, enclosed room for vocals,
multiple jacks, at all stations. Assorted
microphones & stands. Equipment is up to
date and top of the line. For a small studio
Ashton packs a powerful punch.
Morgan is accommodating and helpful
during the sessions and is a wizard when it
comes to the post mix. I was so pleased with
my first result that I brought my daughter in
to record her first song. Again great results
and we had a great time doing it!"


"I have used Ashton Street Studio and
Morgan Henry for both of my recording
projects in the past two years - a CD and
demo music clips from my web site. He did
an excellent job and I got a great product on
both. Morgan is easy to work with and very
knowledgeable about recording and music. I
definitely recommend!"


"I recently recorded a Christmas CD at
Ashton Street Studio. I came with an
absolute deadline which was only 7 weeks
from the original meeting with Morgan. From
what I understand, that is unheard of.
However, we were able to make it happen
and the quality of the finished product far
surpassed our expectations. Morgan was a
constant professional, offering his expert
advice but ultimately leaving the decisions to
me. His talent and experience in the studio
are evident from the start. Ashton st studios
is a great place to go whether you just want
to lay down some tracks or have a long term
musical project. I highly recommend. If you
would like to listen to the finished CD, it's
available at"


Ashton Street Studio did an excellent job for
the School Street Ramblers.  These were
our first studio sessions as a band and
Morgan guided us through the entire
process with expertise, insight, creativity,
and easy patience.  We were very satisfied
with our final product and plan to return to
Ashton Street for our next music project"


"Thanks again for your help on Sunday.  You
help create a relaxed environment
conducive to making good music!  Looking
forward to doing more."


"The recording was a great experience for
Ellen.  ...I think the quality of the recording
was excellent and really showcased her
voice.  ...if Ellen needs more recordings in
the future, we'll know where to go."


"Morgan is a pleasure to work with and is
very knowledgeable of the intricacies of
recording. His friendly professionalism
makes recording with him interesting,
educational, and fun. The recently revamped
studio and new equipment are also a
definite plus. I would recommend him with
no reservations to any up and coming artist
looking to make a recording at a reasonable


"Morgan is a pleasure to work with and very
knowledgeable about music and recording.
It helps greatly that he is a working musician
as well! I have even decided to expand my
recording project beyond what I originally


"Working with Morgan was a delight! He's
professional, easy to work with, and
delivered an excellent product. I am looking
forward to working with him on future
projects and highly recommend his services!"


"Morgan's studio is an excellent facility with
professional quality equipment and design.
Two bands of mine have recorded there, and
we are very pleased with the quality of the
work: Morgan has the skills to bring out the
best in the music while keeping the price at
a reasonable level. You can't go wrong with
Morgan's Ashton Street Studio. "


"Extraordinary customer service: responded
to initial query immediately and thoroughly,
clearly set expectations to ensure the most
productive session possible, was the perfect
blend of collaborative and empowering
during the session, and had excellent follow
through to ensure we were pleased w the
final product."


"Absolutely fabulous, Morgan was patient
and was clearly highly skilled at working
with musicians, helped me put together a
song. Pricing was very fair considering the
equipment & expertise Morgan offered. Very
happy, looking forward to working with him


"Morgan Henry is a professional in every
sense of the word. I was coming into the
studio after an eight year hiatus so I was
very nervous and not sure how to get what I
needed. I had a producer that wanted to
help guide Morgan for what kind of format
and tracks we would need. He impressed
him as well as me. I had never worked with
a "click track" -kind of metronome playing
only in your headphones. He was patient,
relaxed and focused. I am very happy with
the outcome and will be returning to do all
of my local recording. You couldn't be in
better hands!"

Play new diverse half-minute samples from the studio:
Ashton Street Recording Studio
Alexandria, VA    -    703-362-6066
Ashton Street Recording Studio
Alexandria, VA    -    703-362-6066
Ashton Street Recording Studio
Alexandria, VA    -    703-362-6066
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